Hydrostatic Release Units for Liferafts

Hydrostatic Release Units


Hammar develops state of the art products to safeguard crew and allow fast and effective rescue in MOB events – for both commercial and leisure marine use. Hammar products for safety installations are designed to be safe and reliable in all extreme conditions.

Featured product | Hammar H20


The white strong rope of Hammar H20 is secured to the deck or liferaft cradle and attached to the liferaft lashing with a sliphook. If the ship sinks, the water pressure will, within 4 metres, activate the sharp knife which cuts the white strong rope and the liferaft will float free. As the ship sinks, the liferaft painter line will be stretched and the liferaft starts to inflate. The Red Weak Link™ breaks and survivors can board the floating liferaft.

Hydrostatic Release Unit for Liferafts

By actively developing new safety products, Hammar leads the way towards increased safety on the seven seas. Safety solutions onboard ships & vessels Hammar have by far the broadest product range on the market, covering release units for Liferafts and EPIRBs as well as Remote Release Systems.

The H20 is the best-selling hydrostatic release unit in the world and it has been saving lives on the oceans for more than 25 years. H20 hydrostatic release can also be combined with Hammar’s Remote Release Systems, which enables you to release liferafts, EPIRBs or evacuation systems from the bridge or other strategic locations onboard. The wide product range offers unique solutions for use in harsh environments and is suitable for a wide variety of applications – commercial marine industry, leisure cruising as well as defense.


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