Mullion Flotation Suits & Life Jackets

Mullion flotation Suits


With over thirty-five years of experience we are recognised, as one of Europe’s major suppliers of the Mullion Floatation Suit. Mullion is a producer of Marine Safety and Personal Floatation Devices that are designed to protect lives in some of the harshest and unforgiving environments.

Featured product | New Mullion Aquafloat superior


The Aquafloat Suit is a constant wear floatation suit tested according to ISO 15027: Class D for 2 hours thermal protection in cold water.

Mullion Floatation Suits & Life Jackets

Mullion Lifejackets, Floatation and Immersion suits combine comfort and durability with technical safety and protection. They are the preferred choice of workers in offshore energy, oil and gas exploration, wind farm operations, commercial and inshore fishing, inland lakes and waterways, ports, docks and harbours, fisheries protection, coast guards, search and rescue emergency services, international shipping, coastal communities and aviation – helicopter transfers.

Mullion Floatation Suits

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