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Norwest Marine Ltd Data Protection Notice

At Norwest Marine Ltd we have a responsibility to ensure your personal information that we store is kept safe and secure. We are emailing to inform you of how, when and why we store and use your personal data and adhere to the new GDPR.

This statement sets out the basis on which such information is held. We may make changes to this statement from time to time to reflect developments in the law.

The data that we store

Your information is set up on our Sage Account System as an individual account as either a customer or supplier. Your data is stored on our secure internal server which we hold:

  • Your Business / Trading Name
  • Contact Name(s)
  • Your Address(s) – can be different for shipping / communications / billing
  • Email(s) – can be function@ or name@, for contacting / invoicing
  • Telephone numbers – can be landline / mobile
  • Sort Code / Account Number
  • VAT Number
  • Any email correspondence
  • Sales / Purchasing activity

How we use this data

We use this data internally to manage your account information and to communicate with you for our business activities. It allows us to:

  • Process sales / purchase orders – via phone, email and online.
  • Create purchase orders – from Norwest Marine to your business
  • Create sales orders – from your business to Norwest Marine
  • Manage accounts – including payments, invoices and credit notes
  • Provide customer service – arranging and recording repairs, returns and warranties
  • Communication – sales & product information, Norwest Marine news, queries about products & services

We can also use this data externally with third parties. This allows us to:

  • Make and process payments – through our bank, via payment cards and via Secure Trading on our website
  • Take care of shipping – couriers and shipping agents
  • Carry out regulatory requirements – HM Revenue and Customs, VAT, non-EU agencies

Our promise to you

  • We will always tell you what information we hold and how it is used
  • We will always keep your data safe and private
  • We will not sell your data or pass to third parties
  • We will give you ways to manage and update your account data and preferences
  • We will not keep this data for longer than necessary for its purpose

By consenting to our Data Protection Privacy notice you are giving permission for Norwest Marine Ltd to process your personal data specifically for the purposes identified. You may request to see this information, correct it and withdraw consent at any time. If you are happy for Norwest Marine to keep your data then you do not need to do anything. Should you wish to be removed from our system then please email us and we will of course delete your data from our system.

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